Living A Lie

from by The Black Monolith



The Black Monolith

Vocals: Zed Tan
Bass: Damien Tan
Guitars: Damien Ng
Drums: Jason Cruz


Living A Lie


Have you ever felt like you are living in doubt?
(Living a lie, living a lie)
Remember that’s a feeling you can live without
(Ain’t a surprise, ain’t a surprise)

You feel sorry for self/ but talked to no one else
Confined inside your solitary cell
If you don’t do nothin’ but sing them blues
Listen up, this song is for you

Wake up this morning with an empty head
(Hoping to die, hoping to die)
Try so hard just to get out of bed
(Nothing in life, can satisfy)

You think you got it tough/ and life’s been pretty rough
Just step outside and take a look around
A thousand million people living worse than you
That ain’t no reason to be singin’ them blues

Bitchin’ and moanin’/ whinin’ and complainin’,
It’s all just a waste of time
You can cry all you want/ it ain’t changin’ nothin’
That’s just the way that the world is run
Sulkin’ and poutin’/ fussin’ and cussin’,
I don’t need a piece of your mind
You think you got it worse than everybody else
I tell you man/ you can go to hell

Rich man thinkin’ ‘bout livin’ it up
(He’s living a lie, living a lie)
Drinking fine whiskey from a gilded cup
(The whole wide world thinks that you’re too vile)

But his house is too big/ his porch is too steep,
Ain’t got no space to park his fucking jeep
While the poor man starve/ don’t know what to do
That ain’t no reason to be singin’ them blues


G-g-g-go to hell!


Your girlfriend despises you and thinks that you’re such a mess
(Ain’t a surprise, ain’t a surprise)
So you think that the whole world owes your sorry ass
(You’re living a lie, living a lie)

Every living second/ is just another waste
You’re such a shame to the human race
But nobody wants to feel sorry for you, still
That ain’t no reason to be singin’ them blues


Go to hell,

Livin’ a lie,

Yeah yeah yeah


from The Black Monolith, released April 1, 2015
Produced by: The Black Monolith

Music written by: Damien Ng, Jason Cruz
Lyrics written by: Zed Tan
Song Arrangement by: Zed Tan, Damien Tan, Jason Cruz & Damien Ng

Drums recorded at TNT Music Studio
Engineered by Wong Ah Boy

Vocals recorded at La Salle College Studio
Engineered by Eugene Ng Kang Sen

Background Vocals recorded at NUS CAC
Engineered by Damien Ng

Percussions recorded at Homeground Studios
Engineered by Yi Zhe Seow Ethan

Electric Guitars and Bass recorded at 451 Audio Suite
Engineered by Damien Ng

Mixed by: Damien Ng at 451 Audio Suite

Mastered by Steve Nagasaki at Nagasaki Sound



all rights reserved


The Black Monolith Singapore

The Black Monolith's style of music ranges from 70s hard rock to 90s grunge. Individual members are each heavily influenced by different eras of rock. This adds a whole new dimension to their songwriting, making it sound familiarly classic, yet bravely modern.

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Zed Tan - Vocals
Damien Ng - Guitar
Damien Tan - Bass
Jason Cruz - Drums
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