Tommy Icarus

from by The Black Monolith



The Black Monolith

Vocals: Zed Tan
Bass: Damien Tan
Guitars: Damien Ng
Drums: Jason Cruz


Tommy Icarus


When Tommy was a young boy, all he wanna do is rock, rock, rock
But daddy had other plans for him, but he wouldn’t listen to his talk, talk, talk
He broke the rules coz it wasn’t cool
He’s gone and flunked right out of school
But when he picked up his guitar
The boy was a shooting star
And once he starts he can never stop


He’s a rock and roller, high achiever, going straight to the top
Trouble maker, sharp shooter, moving like a juggernaut
It’s not about the fortune and fame
He just wanna play the game
And Icarus was his name


Stuck in his hometown, he knew he’ll never get far
So he packed up his guitar and ran, and that’s when he broke his momma’s heart
He’s gotta get right outta there
He’s gotta get himself a band
Playing from bar to bar
The boy was a shooting star
And once he starts he can never stop





from The Black Monolith, released April 1, 2015
Produced by: The Black Monolith

Music written by: Damien Ng, Jason Cruz
Lyrics written by: Zed Tan
Song Arrangement by: Zed Tan, Damien Tan, Jason Cruz & Damien Ng

Drums recorded at TNT Music Studio
Engineered by Wong Ah Boy

Vocals recorded at La Salle College Studio
Engineered by Eugene Ng Kang Sen

Additional and Backup Vocals recorded at Homeground Studios
Engineered by Howard Lee

Guitars and Bass recorded at 451 Audio Suite
Engineered by Damien Ng

Mixed by: Damien Ng at 451 Audio Suite

Mastered by Steve Nagasaki at Nagasaki Sound



all rights reserved


The Black Monolith Singapore

The Black Monolith's style of music ranges from 70s hard rock to 90s grunge. Individual members are each heavily influenced by different eras of rock. This adds a whole new dimension to their songwriting, making it sound familiarly classic, yet bravely modern.

The Black Monolith is...
Zed Tan - Vocals
Damien Ng - Guitar
Damien Tan - Bass
Jason Cruz - Drums
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